Game over for Greece. Play again same rules ?

Greece is finishing current money game, and has now an historical opportunity to think a new way to understand money to start a new game.

How new generations of people could be free if they come in a world where the oldest pretend they must pay a debt !? How is it possible that new born could be responsible of choices done by dead ones ?

Human life expectancy in Europe, and in Greece is near 80 years. That means that the people who were alive 40 years ago, in 1975, are now no more than 50% of the population, and most of the people who were alive 80 years ago in 1935, are not here anymore. The people alive in 2015 will represent only 50% in 2055, and most of us will be replaced by new people in 2095.

Human Space-Time in Relative Theory of Money

Human Space-Time in Relative Theory of Money

Relative Theory of Money (RTM) demonstrates that a fair money, as a value used to have a common unit to estimate prices of goods and services in an economy, cannot be created by some people, and not-created by other people. We could say : it is not « fair play » to use a common money some people controls the production, when all other ones must work for it.

RTM demonstrates that a fair money is possible, and demonstrates that the use of a not-fair money during long time periods finishes in crashes and economical crises through a pure money analyse.

And so what is the form that must follow a fair money ?! It is a form where no member of the money (can be the citizens for a country) create more money than others neither in present, nor in future. A form where any newcomer within the money, whatever the date he enters in the economy, in 10 years, 40 years, 80 years or 160 years, will produce the same relative amount of money during the same presence in the money.

And so the form, solution for such a fair money, is a Universal Dividend Money, where no more money can be created in another way than by a human based Universal Dividend, periodically and for all times. A Universal Dividend UD, that is a proportion of the average Monetary Mass M per number of members N, UD = c M/N. And this doesn’t create any « inflation », that is a false notion, because you choose the Universal Dividends for money unit, and you will always have an average of M/N = 1/c UD, that is to say a fix number of Dividends per member.

Doing like this, you can always price anything as a fraction or number of UD, that are limited by and average 1/c per person in a fair money. This is similar to understand that UD = 3000 euros is in fact 10% of the total amount of euros, named M3 €, per citizen : 10 000 000 000 € / 330 000 000 citizens = 30 000 € / citizen, and so instead of pricing a house 300 000 €, you will price it 100 UD refering to a fix total amount of UD in the money, and so without any inflation.

It is so possible to establish a fair economy based on a fair money. And the moment where a not-fair money collapses because it did not recognise the rising of the youngest people during a long time period, is probably the best opportunity to change the rules, to let not-fair moneys and establish a new fair money.

So it’s not the problem to have a not-fair money controlled by a nation better than a not-fair money controlled by a group of nations. Because not-fair moneys are always cause of future collapses because the people who don’t control their money will always be the slaves of the people who control it.

It’s more about fair play in economy, for any present and future men. Will it be using a fair money or not ? Will it be playing a game where some men control the money and so control the economy for their own benefit, or playing a game where any men will be part of the control, including rising young men at any time ?

So to the present Greeks, I ask : « It’s a 40 years game over. Play again 40 years with same rules ? »

Next generations that will read this text in 2055 will carefully study what you have chosen now.

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